To Design, Create, Implement & Monitor Harmonized Automated & Manual Systems

Business Computer Systems That Enhance Client Operations & Profitability

Business Computer Systems That Function To Serve According To Client Specifications

Automated & Manual System Design & Integration

We assist executives with the critical questions. Those include:

o  What business functions should be automated?

o  What are the optimal methods and tools to automate those business functions?

o  What business functions should remain manual or return to manual operation?

o  Of those manual business functions, which ones should be improved and simplified?

o  Effective systems integrate client business operations and functions using appropriate technologies to enhance customer service and improve profit.


Identification of automation opportunities and construction of business plans appropriate in function, operation, and scale.

Enhancement of client business applying technology to existing business functions, operational needs, and objectives.

Services include creation, design, development, implementation, and monitoring of automated and manual systems to assure correct results for our client’s customers, management, and employees.

Understanding technology and business provides Technology America Corporation perspective to implement optimal systems that enhance long-term business plans, functions, and opportunities.

Understanding when technology should or should not be implemented provides clients with appropriate and efficient systems supporting their business.
We explain relevant technological concepts to staff and management before, during, and after implementation. This allows both novice and experienced employees to contribute during project development and ensures their acceptance of the new systems.

We design and implement online and offline systems, train management and staff for effective utilization of systems, integrate legacy systems, and develop Internet sites.

Development is tailored to serve client security and recovery requirements and procedures, life cycle design and implementation, and business automation analysis.

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